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How Something Soapy came to be.....

Hi, my name is Aimee and I live in Northamptonshire with my Husband and 3 children. My middle boy has MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), a symptom of which is spontaneous allergic reactions that lead to anaphylaxis and Urticaria (hives and skin reactions. For years it was plain water baths (even as a family we had to watch what we used in case he reacted to anything airborne the last two years have been hell for him).

July 2016 whilst in hospital with my dad who had suffered a major stroke we were reminiscing as a family of how as kids we saved all our little scraps of soap and made one big one when we had enough little bits, then we got onto the subject of my son not being able to experience doing it because of his allergies. On the way out of the hospital a lady was stood at a craft table selling bath bombs for charity I quizzed her on ingredients and ideas on how to try introducing things with my son. WELL.... what an amazing lady she was! Kind beyond words and emailed ideas for a few weeks back and forth.

I have not looked back since I have researched some days until I swear my eyes are bleeding. Lots of trials and errors and slowly but surely in time for Christmas 2016 I managed to provide my boy with different colored bath treats. Whilst most kids his age probably spent the holidays on a computer of some sorts he sat in a bath with his new treats with wrinkled skin (just because he could!) my heart just completely melted. It is an addiction now; a costly one; but boy it's heart-warming to see his face when he can try new things.

To legally sell bath bombs or any product that touches your skin you must have cosmetic safety assessments completed for EACH product by a regulated chemist and be insured. No corners have been skipped! These have been researched and well tested before I have put them up for sale.


Happy bathing.

Aimee x


From my kitchen to a purpose built room for creating Something Soapy for you.

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